Why Use MyCVworX?

At MyCVworX, we believe that your CV is so much more than just history on a piece of paper.
This is your unique story; your brand; the portrait for your legacy and we believe in treating it as such.

Whether entry or senior level, we strive to ensure that each client’s resume has been designed to accurately represent their uniqueness, passion, significant value and eligibility. Not only do we make sure that you stay updated, but taking market trends into account, we make sure you are staying relevant.

With the unemployment rate at an all-time high, and the job market flooded with job seekers, can you afford not to stand out? Recruiters spend less than 7 seconds reviewing a CV, so your resume needs to catch the eye before it has even been seen.

I know, an impossible standard, right? Wrong!!

As professional CV writers, the team at MyCVworX have a successful track record in providing clients with a resume they can be proud of. We pride our reputation on the ability to provide each client with a CV that professionally reflects their ‘personal brand’ and renews the confidence needed to apply themselves, whether personally or in their career.

“Coffee in one hand – Confidence in the other” – Anonymous

Basic revamp or comprehensive optimisation, each service we offer ensures that your CV includes all the information considered a requirement in the South African market. Our Keyword Optimisation services are designed to include relevant and industry-specific keywords and terminology to assist you to better match the predefined job spec criteria when going through Applicant Tracking Software (ATS).

What is ATS?
What is ATS?

What is ATS?

Applicant Tracking Software, or ATS, is a tool used by Recruiters to sort, store, track and filter the CVs of their candidates before they physically review the CV and begin shortlisting for a position. Before you can get to the Recruitment and interview stage, you need to first get past ATS.

How Does It Work?

ATS systems filter applications automatically based on given criteria such as keywords, skills, years of experience and so on. ATS will go off of the information in the job description to find the best candidates in the database, who fit the criteria of the position, based on matching keywords and skills found in the candidate’s resume.

Why Do I Need to Optimise My CV With Keywords?

By Optimising your CV with keywords specific to the industry/role you are pursuing, you greatly increase your chances of matching ATS criteria and more importantly, being shortlisted for a position. Please be advised that the keyword optimisation service is not a guarantee for interviews, however clients have had improved success when job hunting with a correctly optimised CV.

What makes MyCVworX templates unique?

MyCVworX – Our Process

The Basic CV Revamp Process: As easy as one, two, three…



Review of your current CV’s content and assessment of any outstanding information that is considered to be a requirement for job hunting in SA.


Update of your CV’s content – Request for all information that is outstanding and required sent via email, along with sufficient guidance to help you provide the feedback needed to correctly update your content accordingly.


Updated content captured into one of our unique and professionally designed templates, ensuring that all grammar and spelling are correct and relevant SA market requirements have been met.

The Advanced Keyword Optimised CV Process: Because the best things in life come in fours



Basic CV Revamp process initiated (Templates used for Advanced services will differ to those used for Basic services).


Research conducted on the position and industry you are going into, covering applicable and relevant keywords to be used for the optimisation of your CV.


Client consultation facilitated to discuss research, establish a constructive selection of the relevant keywords and ensure optimum placement throughout the resume; maximising functionality and efficacy in yielding a favourable result.


Full inclusion and integration of relevant keywords throughout your CV, facilitating content editing and adjustment as needed (Service specific) in order to successfully accommodate the progression of your CV past the ATS phase in the Recruitment Process.

MyCVworX – Professional CV Services

Even a Genie’s wishes come with conditions…

Basic Option

Elementary | Efficient | Essential

This option is best suited to graduates and entry-level job seekers in need of a standard but professional CV that will assist them to successfully demonstrate their value, market their skills and knowledge, establish their career objectives and initiate the development of “career – kick start” opportunities.

“Enter The Dragon!”

Basic CV Revamp

Basic CV Revamp + Cover Letter



Please be advised that our basic CV revamp does not include rewriting, editing or adapting the content of your CV. Instead, it is an update of your CV content into a modern and professionally designed template, including all information that is considered to be a requirement for the South African market as mentioned previously. Rest assured that we do still correct spelling, grammar, punctuation etc.; utilising our knowledge on professional CV presentation to appropriately assist each client and efficiently meet their unique job hunting needs

“It is your basic desires that contain the best plans and power for success.”- Anonymous

Intermediate Option

Initiate | Innovate | Intensify

Our Intermediate Keyword Optimisation service is perfectly equipped for the professional looking to substantiate their authority and aptitude in a specific field by demonstrating their skills and competencies in a resume that will proficiently validate their history of professional accomplishment.

(Basically a CV Revamp on steroids); the Intermediate Keyword Optimisation service offers all the benefits of the basic option with an added kick to help put you ahead of the race.

Before being transformed from “Professional CV” to “Professional Presentation of Targeted Skills and Focused Abilities”, your Optimised CV’s content will go through the full basic service process to ensure that the base of your information meets the demands of South Africa’s market conditions (as mentioned earlier).

Our Optimised CV service is focused on establishing you as an ideal candidate, by clearly communicating your capabilities to meet the functional indications for a particular position. To increase your chances of effectively progressing past the ATS phase of the Recruitment Process, it is essential to ensure that the strategic and constructive emphasis placed on the integrated keywords and skills will assist you in matching the specified criteria that will be searched for in a digital scan of your CVs content.

Keyword Optimised CV

Keyword Optimised CV + Cover Letter



By conducting thorough research of industry and function specifics, facilitating content editing and CV structure design and providing direct consultation and advice, we are able to guide you in assisting us to define what is relevant and applicable, thus allowing us to supplement and edit your content factually.

When optimising your CV, you can rest assured that we have taken every step necessary to ensure the smooth integration of keywords that are 100% relevant; ensuring that what gets displayed in your final CV is an accurate depiction of your contributable value and a true reflection of both your professional and personal aspects

“Leadership is not a title, it is a behaviour. Live It!” – Robin Sharma

Advanced Option

Prominence | Principal | Progression

Best suited for Executives/Top Management/Business Directors and Owners; the Advanced option comprises of a comprehensive service with adjustable facets to allow for service modification in order to proficiently fulfil the client’s unique requirements.

Advanced services include in-depth consultation to cover the scope and direction of the resume, extensive keyword integration, content guidance, editing and structuring, and appropriate and professional presentation of specialist skills. Custom design and development of a traditional or functional resume template, depending on what is required in order to effectively market the client’s strengths, in the best conceivable way.

“Who you are tomorrow, begins with what you do today” – Tim Fargo

Comprehensive Resume

Comprehensive and Summary Resume



“We cannot become what we want, by remaining what we are” – Max Depree

International Resume

To infinity, and beyond!

The ideal service for those looking to immigrate or gain experience working abroad, this option covers in-depth research into the specific country of interest and any predefined requirements for job hunting within their borders. Service includes extensive consultation, content guidance, editing and writing and the update of information into a professional and custom designed template that has been specifically structured to follow the proposed international requirements.

“And then I realised – Adventures are the best way to learn”- Anonymous

Comprehensive International Resume

Comprehensive and Summary International Resume



At MyCVworX, we continually strive to efficiently meet the unique and individual needs of our clients; exceeding expectation by consistently employing utmost professionalism and a solid drive for top quality. We hold accountability and service delivery in high regard and are committed and resolute in our endeavour to preserve skill expansion, promote systematic and reliable process and service improvement, and sustain a “customer first” focus.

All clients (excluding international resume services) receive the added bonus of having their newly completed CV sent to our associate recruiters upon conclusion of services, should they so wish.

MyCVworX – Professional LinkedIn Services

Visibility | Recognition | Connectivity | Affiliation

Your LinkedIn profile is your online footprint and represents you when networking and developing connections that will benefit your purpose. Whether you aim to job hunt or establish a clientele base, your LinkedIn profile is the ‘online business card’ that will distinguish you as a valuable connection.

To gain worthwhile associations that are relevant to your purpose, your LinkedIn profile should be captivating, engaging and informative. An extension of your professional presentation, your online impression will serve as an introduction to potential employers or clients. This will open the door for you to establish quality engagement which sets the foundation for initiating constructive and purposeful relationships.

Our LinkedIn services include designing industry relevant and appealing header images to help your profile stand out. Creating a Vanity profile URL will aid in improving and increasing the discoverability of your profile in searches. By facilitating adequate privacy setting customization, we are experienced in meeting and ensuring each client’s unique needs for discretion. When taking the Advanced Option, we provide additional content editing to ensure that your LinkedIn acts as an extension of your CV.

Our objective at MyCVworX is to empower and enable our clients. As such, we provide in-depth guidance on how to best use your LinkedIn profile for networking and job hunting, reinforcing you to make the most of your online influence.

Standard LinkedIn Profile Update or Development

Advanced LinkedIn Profile Update or Development



“How you spend your time, and where you focus your attention will determine how successful you are” – Anonymous

MyCVworX – Services for Recruiters

The middle man’s middle man

Full Function CV Administration

Full function service including:

Data capturing of candidate CV’s into your company template.

Contacting the candidate to gather outstanding information.

Full non-disclosure, protecting your databases and templates.

R100.00 per CV

(50 or more – R50.00 per CV)

Data Capturing

Are you at capacity with the capturing of your candidate’s CVs? At MyCVworX, we offer an efficient and speedy administration service, assisting you with the data capturing of candidate CVs into your company template, giving you more time to focus on what’s important.


R45.00 per CV

(50 or more – R35.00 per CV)

MyCVworX – What Our Clients Have To Say

“A Satisfied Customer is the best business strategy of all”- Michael LeBoeuf

  • Hi Kasey

    I went for the interview and they absolutely loved the way you did my CV and I got the job

    Thanks to you... I'm so happy after being unemployed for a year, it's just incredible

    Dineo Mogale
    Dineo Mogale
  • I revamped my CV 2 weeks ago and now I got a professional job

    I started on Monday

     Boitumelo Tala
    Boitumelo Tala
  • Excellent services i received from MyCVworX

    After revamping my CV, i started getting called for interviews and often I was told that my CV was presentable

    I got offers to choose from. And to even think it took me just a few bucks to get it done.

    Thank you

    Mokgadi Nakana
    Mokgadi Nakana
  • The job market is really so cluttered and standing out is the key

    I never doubted the content in my CV, but having a CV revamp and packaging it in a different, creative way really increased my chances

    The CV was my advocate - the first impression, I just had to walk into the interview and do the rest

    I finally got my dream job - A big thank you to Kasey!!

    Nondumiso Mpila
    Nondumiso Mpila
  • I am thanking you for your effort Kasey...

    I honestly think that God chose you to help all His children to get better lives...

    I have a job today because you helped my CV stand outand I also believe that when you are done with my brother's CV he will also get a job...

    You are anointed woman, everything you touch turns to gold

    Thank you so very much Kasey and God bless you

    Phumudzo Thovhogi
    Phumudzo Thovhogi
  • If you need your CV done professionally, please don't hesitate to contact Kasey

    I am very impressed with her work and I am sure I will find a better job

    Levonna Murphy
    Levonna Murphy
  • Kasey did my CV last month and I also had 3 interviews and got 2 offers

    Already starting my new job on the 1st of May

    Simphiwe Mdlalose
    Simphiwe Mdlalose

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MyCVworX – Going the extra mile

We care about your success and want you to put your best foot forward when applying yourself, therefore, we’re offering you a little more. And guess what…Its free!

At MyCVworX, we know that a productive job hunt does not solely depend on having a professional CV. Whether you are aiming for your dream job or just need to gain stability with a secure position, there are key factors involved in landing that job. To achieve maximum results, you need to be aware of all the tools at your disposal as well as the various aspects that are considered by potential employers.

Empowerment is our middle name.

We have put together some guidelines exploring these varying aspects, to help point you in a promising direction. (You’re welcome 😉 )

We’ve provided some downloadable PDF guides that will help teach you the ‘How To’s’ in job hunting. From the application phase through to interview and ultimately, securing placement within a company.

Simply click on download, save the document and take control of EVERY aspect of your job hunt!

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Using Your Cover Letter Correctly

Email Application Guidance

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